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Extra-Special Cakes

There are certain things guests will remember most about your wedding or event. One is your cake.

It's the centerpiece of your reception; to ensure your cake is perfect, order it from Publix. We've earned a reputation for cakes so delicious, there's no need for any other dessert—except a decadent groom's cake, perhaps. You can place a custom order for a cake that perfectly expresses your unique style, or choose from our signature elegant cake designs. And feel confident that anything you choose will be delicious and beautiful.

Before you place your order, feel free to visit your local Publix Bakery and talk to one of our experienced decorators, or contact an event planner located at a store near you. They'll help select the perfect size, decide on the right design and colors, and answer any questions you may have.

Be sure to place your custom order at least four weeks before your event to ensure we can make the cake of your dreams on time.

Cakes for All Your Occasions

Weddings are just one of life's wonderful events we can help you celebrate. We can create beautiful cakes for bridal and baby showers, confections that will set the mood. We can design gorgeous cakes for milestone anniversary celebrations, too. And you'll love our exquisite quinceaneara cakes for your special girl.


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